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#19 “Symbol Labyrint”

#19 “Symbol Labyrint”

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Title: “Symbol Labyrint”

Description:  "Symbol Labyrint" is a mesmerizing painting that invites the viewer to get lost in its intricate web of symbols and designs. The artist's use of fluorescent paint and glitter adds an ethereal quality to the piece, enhancing the sense of magic and mystery. Despite its complexity, the painting has a simplicity that is both alluring and enchanting. This piece is sure to captivate anyone who gazes upon it, drawing them deeper into the labyrinth of its beauty.

Medium and technique: Fluorescent paint markers, black marker, black  spray paint and glitter.

Priming method: Additionally, the original artwork was shined using a combination of coconut,olive oil and essential oils, which not only enhances the vibrancy of the colors but also adds a subtle sheen to the surface of the canvas.

Date and origin: May 2023 - Uppsala, Sweden

Original Dimensions: 30 x 30 (CM)

Note: I am currently only selling prints of my artwork. If you would like a custom-made original painting, please send a message through the "Custom Made Art By LCAR" tab.

All art pieces are 100% original and all rights reserved to LCAR.

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