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#18 “Lets Play!”

#18 “Lets Play!”

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Title: “Lets Play!”

Description:  "Let's Play!" is a stunning piece of artwork that captures the imagination and sparks a sense of playfulness within the viewer. The painting features the word "play" translated into over 100 languages, written in a beautiful sunset reddish pickish hue against a deep black background. At the center of the painting is a large play button symbol and gold leaf in its centre, radiating with energy and excitement.

The use of tiny small dots (thousands of them) in the background creates an illusion of a vast, infinite space, as if the painting itself is inviting the viewer to explore a whole new universe of play. These dots, reminiscent of stars in the night sky, create an aura of enchantment, further adding to the magical and otherworldly quality of the painting.

As the eye is drawn to the center of the painting, the gold leaf and play button symbol acts as a beacon of light, leading the way to a world of mystery of the cosmos, adventure and fun. The overall effect of "Let's Play!" is one of joy, freedom, and possibility, inspiring the viewer to embrace their inner child and experience the boundless energy of play. This artwork is a true masterpiece, capturing the essence of play in a way that is both beautiful and inspiring.

Medium and technique: Red and black paint and pens with added gold leaf.

Priming method: Additionally, the original artwork was shined using a combination of coconut,olive oil and essential oils, which not only enhances the vibrancy of the colors but also adds a subtle sheen to the surface of the canvas.

Date and origin: April 2023 - Uppsala, Sweden

Original Dimensions: 50 x 70 (CM)

Note: If you would like a custom-made original painting, please send a message through the "Custom Made Art By LCAR" tab.

All art pieces are 100% original and all rights are reserved to LCAR.

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