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#017 “SI|NO”

#017 “SI|NO”

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Title: “SI|NO”

Description:  SI|NO is an electrifying painting that instantly grabs your attention with its bold and vibrant colors. The fluorescent-based acrylic paint gives off an otherworldly glow, making the painting seem almost alive. As you take a closer look, you notice that the words "yes" and "no" are written in over 100 languages, creating a web of communication that spans the globe. You will also notice that the words yes & no in Swedish, English, French, and Spanish have extra dotted detail on them as it’s LCAR’s favorite languages.

The painting is a visual feast, with countless numbers and symbols scattered throughout. Each one seems to have its own story, its own meaning, and its own purpose. You could spend hours deciphering the hidden messages, trying to make sense of the complex patterns and intricate designs.

In the center of the painting, you'll find a psychedelic pyramid that seems to be the focal point of the entire piece. The pyramid is intricately detailed, with each side adorned with mysterious symbols and designs. It's as if the pyramid is a portal to another dimension, a gateway to a world beyond our own.

The name of the painting, SI|NO, is intriguing in itself. It could be a play on words, a nod to the musical artist ZIINO. Or it could be a reflection of the duality of life, the constant push and pull between yes and no. Whatever the meaning behind the name, it adds an extra layer of mystery to the already enigmatic painting.

Overall, SI|NO is a mesmerizing work of art that demands your attention. It's a celebration of language, culture, and the endless possibilities of the human imagination.

Medium and technique: Yellow and pink fluorescent pens.

Priming method: Additionally, the original artwork was shined using a combination of coconut, olive oil, and essential oils, which not only enhances the vibrancy of the colors but also adds a subtle sheen to the surface of the canvas.

Date and Origin: April 2023 - Uppsala, Sweden

Original Dimensions: 27 x 35 (CM)

Note: If you would like a custom-made original painting, please send a message through the "Custom Made Art By LCAR" tab.

**Please note that the prints are not created using fluorescent paint. If you are interested in a fluorescent painting, please don't hesitate to contact me.

All art pieces are 100% original and all rights are reserved to LCAR.

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