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#009 “What is Love?”

#009 “What is Love?”

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Title: “What Is Love”

Description:  "What Is Love" is a vibrant and enchanting painting that features the word "love" written and translated in over 100 languages using fluorescent acrylic paints. The use of fluorescent colors creates a striking effect, with the words glowing under blacklight to add a sense of mystery and wonder. The painting also features a moon and stars, adding a dreamy and romantic element to the overall composition. The use of multiple languages to express the concept of love makes this painting a celebration of diversity and a reminder that love transcends language and culture. Overall, "What Is Love" is a visually stunning and thought-provoking work of art that invites the viewer to contemplate the universal and timeless nature of love.

Medium and technique: The technique used to create "What Is Love" involves the use of fluorescent acrylic pens. These pens contain fluorescent pigments that emit bright and vivid colors when exposed to black light. The use of these pens allows the artist to create bold and eye-catching compositions, as seen in the vibrant words written in over 100 languages in "What Is Love". The technique also allows for precise detailing, making it possible to create intricate designs with delicate lines and shapes.

Priming method: Additionally, the original artwork was shined using a combination of coconut,olive oil and essential oils, which not only enhances the vibrancy of the colors but also adds a subtle sheen to the surface of the canvas.

Date and origin: February 2023 - Uppsala, Sweden

Original Dimensions: 30 x 30 CM)

Note: If you would like a custom-made original painting, please send a message through the "Custom Made Art By LCAR" tab.

All art pieces are 100% original and all rights are reserved to LCAR.

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