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#008 “Dark Forest”

#008 “Dark Forest”

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Title: “Dark Forrest”

Description:  "Dark Forrest" is a stunning tribute to Swedish folklore and mythology. The painting features a vibrant and colourful depiction of a mystical forest, complete with ancient trees and winding paths.

According to local legend, the forest is said to be home to magical creatures such as trolls, elves, and fairies, who roam the woods and guard its secrets. LCAR pays homage to the great Swedish artist Carl Larsson, who was renowned for his use of vivid colours and intricate details in his paintings.

In "Dark Forrest," LCAR captures the essence of Larsson's beautiful use of colours, infusing the painting with a dreamlike quality that transports the viewer to another world. The use of multiple colours adds to the magical atmosphere as if you are peering through a portal into a magical realm.

As you explore the painting, you can almost feel the enchantment in the air, the whispers of the forest spirits guiding you deeper into the woods. It is a masterpiece that both honours the legacy of Carl Larsson and showcases LCAR's own artistic brilliance.

Medium and technique: The medium and technique used in creating "Dark Forrest" is acrylic paint, but with a unique twist. LCAR used a scalpel and pine needles to meticulously carve out the intricate details of the forest, adding depth and texture to the painting. This unconventional approach adds to the mystical quality of the artwork, creating a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that is both breathtaking and awe-inspiring.

Date and origin: November 2019 - Falun, Sweden

Original Dimensions: 20 x 30 (CM)

Note: I am currently only selling prints of my artwork. If you would like a custom-made original painting, please send a message through the "Custom Made Art By LCAR" tab.

All art pieces are 100% original and all rights are reserved to LCAR.

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